JoyBräu Proteinbier

JoyBräu Proteinbier ohne Alkohol ist ab sofort auch in der Schweiz verfügbar. Starten Sie mit einem einzigartigen Produkt in die Zukunft.

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KK-Power relies on Keimkraft

KK-Power relies on Keimkraft as a partner in the manufacture of its own high-quality products.

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Richemont RQM Certification

Richemont issued its "RQM" label for the "9-er Keimkraft-Mixture for bakery products" in 2013.

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Migros bakes with Keimkraft

Since 2011 Migros has been using Keimkraft in various bakery products, especially in small baked goods. The products are more aromatic, stay fresh longer and are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals.

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Bio Familia vitalizes its crunchy muesli with our Keimkraft "Ancient Grains Mixture"

With Bio familia pure balance "Ancient Grains Mixture & Apple", exquisite old grain varieties from the region are rediscovered. The Keimkraft of the Ancient Grains Mixture provides the crunchy müesli with vitamins and minerals in a natural way.

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McDonald's Switzerland uses Keimkraft

In April 2012 McDonald's Switzerland launched the Chicken Junior Happy Meal with a nutritious Keimkraft bun.

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Damascus Bakeries

In June 2018 the Damascus Bakery in New York introduces its Sprouted Grain line with Keimkraft.

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All products comply with the EU organic standard and are genetically unchanged.

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Introduction of Keimkraft in the USA

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September 2014

Sale of Keimkraft for private customers

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January 2014

Quality inspection by the San Francisco Baking Institute

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