What is Keimkraft

Keimkraft explained

Keimkraft is a flour mixture consisting of germinated organic cereal and plant seeds. It consists of seedlings of wheat, maize, millet, spelt, linseed, alfalfa, red clover, pea and lentil. The most obvious change is the increasing vitamin content – vitamins contained in the grain multiply. The minerals and trace elements are dissolved from chemical inhibitor compounds during germination and can thus be more easily absorbed by the body. During germination, the starch decreases, which promotes digestion and increases the antioxidant potential and fibre content.

Bio – Certificates

Keimkraft is a flour mixture consisting of organically grown cereal and plant seeds. You can Download the certificates of the manufacturing company: Bio, IFS and Kosher.

Vital substances from 100g semi-white bread with 10% Keimkraft

Visible increase in vital substances compared to conventional semi-white bread.

ORF film report on Keimkraft production

How to use Keimkraft

The addition of 10 % Keimkraft flour vitalises baked goods in a natural way and achieves a nutrient content comparable to that of wholemeal products. The texture of baked goods enriched with germination flour is more reminiscent of baked goods made of white flour than of wholemeal baked goods. Bakeries with Keimkraft are thus given the opportunity to produce products with a high nutrient content that are appealing to the broad masses.

Overview of Keimkraft production

BIO certified farmer plants and harvests the seeds.

Gentle cleaning of the seeds.

Germination process with energized water. The power factory of nature starts.

Gentle drying under
42° C.

Further processing into high-quality products.