9-er Keimkraft-Mixture

Brings your baked goods up to wholemeal level

Keimkraft is the flour mixture developed by nutrition scientists. The flour mixture consists of several organically grown cereal and plant seeds which are germinated, gently dried and finely ground.
During the germination process the "power factory of nature" works and forms a multitude of valuable vitamins and nutrients for the seedling.

With 10% Keimkraft flour, your bakery products or pasta are naturally vitalised. The Keimkraft circle illustrates the biologically germinated individual components contained in germination flour:

Keimkraft in use

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA): A significant portion of the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals as well as trace elements can be absorbed naturally through foods that are vitalized with Keimkraft.

Health Claims Regulation: This vitality can be advertised in accordance with the current EU Health Claims Regulation.

Indulgence: Anyone who enriches food with Keimkraft can enjoy it with a clear conscience.