Use of 10 % Keimkraft flour

  • The manufacture of Keimkraft products is 3 – 8 % more expensive than the manufacture of comparable products without the addition of Keimkraft flour (calculations according to Richemont, Lucerne, Switzerland 2013).
  • Due to the added value of vital substances, Keimkraft bakery products can be sold at a 10 – 15% higher price.
  • This results in a higher sales margin.

The use of Keimkraft pays off

  • Keimkraft improves and enhances the taste of bakery products.
  • Keimkraft naturally increases the vitamin B complex, folic acid, iron, magnesium and other vital substances in baked goods.
  • Keimkraft is healthier and more digestible than whole grains.
  • Keimkraft products are particularly valuable for children, adolescents and older people with digestive problems.