7er Mixture

Naturally enhances your goods

The Keimkraft 7er Mixture was specially compiled for a customer. The flour mixture consists of several organically grown plant and grain seeds, which are gently dried, germinated and finely ground. During the germination process, a large number of valuable vitamins and nutrients are formed in the seedling.

Use of 10 % Keimkraft flour

  • The production of bakery products is 3 - 8% more expensive than the production of similar products without the addition of Keimkraft flour (calculations according to Richemont, Lucerne 2013).
  • By the addition of vital substances Keimkraft bread can be sold at a 10 - 15% higher price.
  • This results in a higher margin on sales.

The use of germinating power pays off

  • Keimkraft improves and enhances the taste of baked goods
  • Keimkraft naturally increases the folic acid and vitamin B complex content of your bakery and confectionery products.
  • Bread with Keimkraft flour is healthier and more digestible than conventional wholemeal bread.
  • Keimkraft bakery products are especially valuable for children and athletes.

Keimkraft in use

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA): A significant portion of the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals as well as trace elements can be absorbed naturally through foods that are vitalized with Keimkraft.

Health Claims Regulation: This vitality can be advertised in accordance with the current EU Health Claims Regulation.

Indulgence: Anyone who enriches food with Keimkraft can enjoy it with a clear conscience.

Specifications for the 7er Mixture

We are pleased to offer you the specifications of the Keimkraft 7er Mixture in detail as PDF. Please use the downloads on the right side of this page.

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