June 2018

Damascus Bakeries Sprouted Grain Linie with Keimkraft

Damascus Bakeries launches its Sprouted Grain line with Keimkraft. Lavash Roll Ups Weiterlesen
October 2015

Introduction of Keimkraft in the USA

In October 2015, A. Olivieri & Sons Inc. FLOUR and BAKERS SUPPLIES will ... Weiterlesen
September 2014

Sale of Keimkraft for private customers

Replace 10% of your flour portion with Keimkraft at home. Keimkraft is now ... Weiterlesen
January 2014

Quality inspection by the San Francisco Baking Institute

The San Francisco Baking Institute investigates Keimkraft and tests the quality of ... Weiterlesen
December 2013

Keimkraft available in 15 kg bag

The new 15 kg bags can be ordered at Pistor AG. Article Number: 18200 ... Weiterlesen
September 2013

Keimkraft receives the Richemont RQM Label

Richemont issued the "RQM" label to the FS-AG in 2013 for ... Weiterlesen
April 2012

McDonalds Switzerland uses Keimkraft

In April 2012 McDonald's Switzerland launches the Chicken Junior Happy Meal with a ... Weiterlesen
January 2011

Migros bakes with Keimkraft

In January 2011, Migros will introduce germination power as an additive to its ... Weiterlesen