Quality inspection by the San Francisco Baking Institute

The San Francisco Baking Institute investigates Keimkraft and tests the quality of the vitalising flour mixture. The Institute's report states the following:

«In conclusion, Keimkraft® is a great way to increase the nutritional value of our everyday baked items. It is versatile to use, and has advantages in both flavor and shelf life. Keimkraft® definitely provides an opportunity for bakers to create products with added nutritional values that are palatable to greater demographics.
The key to reach out to more consumers is to make healthy bread with good flavor and texture that can be enjoyed on daily basis. Among them, Keimkraft® is particularly well balanced in nutritional value and is simple to use. Hopefully, as is happening in Switzerland, these types of products become integrated in school lunches and fast food restaurants in the U.S. to provide better nutritional options for consumers without sacrificing the joy of eating good food.»